Technology Start-ups

Empowering Innovative Thinkers and Entrepreneurs with Tools to Grow

As an entrepreneur with an early stage technology company, you are inspired to innovate because you know your unique vision can create change. As a founder or leader, you are responsible for much of the heavy lifting as you work to grow your technology business. Navigating the many important decisions you need to make for your business – such as entity selection, protecting your intellectual property, taking advantage of credits and incentives, and presenting a solid financial position to attract the next level of investors for your business – can be complicated, but you don’t have to navigate these waters alone.

Bennett Thrasher works with technology companies from early to mature stages in the business lifecycle. With our depth of experience, we are uniquely qualified to consult with start-ups, because we understand and can help you address the unique challenges you face as your start-up continues to grow.

Our team also offers technology services for companies looking for IT assistance and consulting.

Collaborating with Technology Partners to Share Expertise

We partner with many of the technology accelerators, organizations and venture forums in Georgia to help start-ups and emerging tech companies leverage off of our expertise and ensure financial peace of mind. Some of these organizations include the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Venture Atlanta and Alpharetta Technology Commission (ATC). As an entrepreneur, you will also benefit from our investment company industry group, who works collaboratively with our technology industry team to align our technology start-up clients to help them partner with the right venture capitalists and private equity groups.

Whatever sub-industry your technology business is in – FinTech, Health IT, software solutions, cloud storage, etc. – we offer a variety of CPA and advisory solutions including:

  • Tax start-up package uniquely designed for companies like yours, to help you stay tax compliant at various stages of growth
  • Tax credits and incentives expertise. We can help you manage the many credits and incentives available to technology companies, and ensure you receive the maximum benefits
  • Tax implications for entity selection and tax structuring
  • Nexus issues assistance that can arise from sales and use taxes. We can also provide help with SALT complications that arise from working or doing business in other states/jurisdictions
  • Valuation of your technology business, to help give you a competitive edge
  • Financial statement preparation and consulting on financial presentations for potential investors
  • Financial information preparation for your start-up that is accurate, timely and relevant through outsourced accounting, write-up and tax compliance support

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If you need comprehensive accounting and consulting support, so you can keep your focus on developing and marketing your technology products, contact Richard Bartolanzo or Brian Hamm by calling 770.396.2200 to schedule a consultation.