Our Story

Business Thrives Through Shared Values

Our story begins in the year 1980. Two young Price Waterhouse accountants sat at a kitchen table, flanked by their wives. Rick Bennett and Ken Thrasher were considering taking the biggest leap of their professional careers, but first, they needed to know that they had the support of the most important people in their lives.

The consensus: “Let’s do this for our families.” Julie Bennett and Cathy Thrasher wholeheartedly supported the decision to start a new firm because they wanted a different kind of life-one that would allow them to put down roots in Atlanta and one where their husbands would be home at night to help them put the children to bed.

“We believe values are everything. You can’t have an effective, high-performing firm unless the people agree on the values that they are willing to fight for.”

Ken Thrasher, Co-Founding Partner

By putting their families first, Rick and Ken also set the tone for a different kind of firm-one where the people who make up the firm are valued and respected above everything else.

That day at Rick’s kitchen table, the founding partners demonstrated another characteristic that would set our firm apart: shared values. Before they could move forward together as business partners, Rick and Ken needed to be on the same page about the core values for which they were willing to fight: integrity, family and service to clients.

Through that unity of values, Rick and Ken laid the foundation for a firm that attracts dynamic professionals and clients who hold those same values. Thanks to that solid foundation, Bennett Thrasher has grown into one of the largest and most respected firms in Atlanta and in the United States. Clearly, we are Better Together.